Eye glasses,titanium glasses and semi-rimless glasses

Eye glasses can not only protect eyes, but also modify the face shapes. In spite of different facial forms, you will look nice once you put on the titanium glasses. Among kinds of face shapes, people with oval face are the luckiest, almost they look pretty on any kind of semi-rimless glasses. For other people with other type of face, they should choose fit type of sunglasses to match the face and beautify it. Next, as for a few face shapes, I would like to brief the selection criteria for your reference.

People with square face should better to wear oval type of sunglasses. Square and round frames will highlight the lines of square faces, so people must avoid choosing them.

A circular frame is not fit for a round face, as it makes the face look more round. But it is recommended that the frames which are slightly higher in the end should be all right. It will be best for the horse of frame to be thinner, for fear to have the effect of enlarging the round face.

Sunglasses with wide earpieces are suitable for long faces. All sunglasses with big frames will be suitable to make the face seem short. Edges and corners of the frame can be considred to modify faces, making their sketch appear more natural. It will be best for you to choose glass feet with wide feet, it can build a vision effect of shortening face.

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