Eyeglasses frames,women eyewear and bifocals

The bifocals is becoming more and more popular,But you need certain adapatations in your wearing, especial for women eyewear .Let`s learn some tips in the process of adjustment together.How to see the objects in different distances clearly at the beginning of wearing the progressive and multifocal glasses?
Eyeglasses frames are the first thing you must consider.
• While seeing distant objects, wearers must rise their heads and look straight, so that they can see clearly through the upper area of lenses.
• Keep your head with a depression angle of 45 degrees, and look down through the lower lenses to see nearby objects clearly.
• See things at the middle distance from the middle part of the lenses.
• Each point form the top to the bottom in the transition zone corresponds each distance from the far to the near.
At the beginning of wearing progressive multi-focal glasses, you might be somewhat uncomfortable.
• A slight dizziness comes over,walk unsteadily,When you are dong sports and climbing up the stair,you have to watch your steps.
• You can feel a change of the space perception,It may cause an error when you try to make clear the distance that objects located at.
• It would be slight uncomfortable when you try to see the nearby.
• Substances would be blurred, when you look through the lens surrounding.
Therefore,the geeners should rather turn their heads than their eyeballs.Please make the best of distance, nearby and middle areas.

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